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a group of Youth have started this club

Learn How You Can Get Involved

The CSahm Foundation’s Empowerment Club strives to reach out to students with Attention Deficit (ADHD or ADD) in order to provide access to resources that encourage growth so that said students are not only able to thrive and excel in their learning environment, but in all spheres of life. Through the Empowerment Club, students will receive support from their peers. Additional opportunities include group studying, one-on-one tutoring, and more! Note: all are welcome, and if interested, please reach out to us at 

The CSAHM FOUNDATION FOR ADHD EDUCATIONAL SERVICES AND SUPPORT, INC. provides educational services including tutoring, coaching, guidance, and counseling to under-resourced youth diagnosed  with ADHD & Autism.

Become a part of our club


  • Earn SSL hours

  • Help with fundraising

  • Help plan activities

  • Tutor students and have fun!

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Andrew Diresta


Andrew is a senior at Winston Churchill High School. He is the Co-Chair of the Empowerment Club. He has excellent networking skills and he is very motivated to support youth with ADHD. He enjoys helping his dad coach his brother's baseball team.


Garrett Sidel

Garrett is a junior at Walt Whitman High School. He enjoys playing varsity tennis as well as running his own business from home and is very motivated in furthering his knowledge about learning disabilities through the work he does for the foundation.


Judah Ofori-Ansah


Judah Ofori-Ansah is a rising junior at Episcopal high school. He plays football and enjoys track. He joined the Empowerment Club because he feelsl every kid should be given an equal opportunity to be successful, not just in education, but in life. By joining the club Judah will help kids find out what they want to be when they grow up while also helping them to overcome any challenges they may be facing. 

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