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Too many people believe that their ADHD symptoms are impossible to manage and will inevitably hold them back from all their dreams. This is why we have set out to create a community for adults who are living with ADHD.  We want to empower those who are looking for a way forward through intentional living, a healthy lifestyle, and personal growth. 

ADHD Lifestyle Magazine is a young start-up created in September of 2020. Founder and Creator Steffanie Vagnozzi, left the corporate world and developed the concept for the ADHD Lifestyle brand based based on passion for helping adults with ADHD achieve their goals. Learn more at www.adhdlifestylemagazine.com.


Remote learning and working wasn't on anyone's radar, Yet, here we are. ENHANCE YOUR COMPUTER SKILLS offers private virtual lessons on exactly what you want to learn. I use Zoom software for one-on-one video lessons. Zoom has a number of interactive features that let me show you exactly what you want to learn as if I was in the room with you. We all stay safe and you get the lessons you need right in the comfort of your own home. You can find out more at www.enhanceycs.com.



Dr. Leikin is a practicing psychiatrist with over 30 years of experience.  She is  a double  board certified with the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology in child, adolescent, and adult psychiatry.  She has extensive experience in treating psychiatric disorders, particularly attention deficit disorder ,learning disabilities,depression, anxiety, and autism in children , adolescents, and adults.  Dr. Leikin is a consultant to a number of schools in Lake County and the Special Education District of Lake County(SEDOL).  Her philosophy is one of collaborative care with families, schools, and other clinicians working as a team, and helping families develop tools and strategies to enable health and independence.